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CG Masters starting in 2007 as an online training centre, providing expert tool and technique training from some of the worlds greatest CG Masters at affordable prices. The demand for training became so great, and specifically for studio job skills which cannot be provided through online training, that we made the move to open a physical campus where trainees would learn to work in live production by working in live production. The success of this program has been dramatic with nearly all graduates finding work almost immediately upon graduation. Studios now request our graduates. This Online Training Portal adopts the very latest in training theory and forms a critical part of our holistic jobs training philosophy. CG Masters is the only training centre to provide such a program.

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Flipped Classroom

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Master-level professional compositor from Sony working one-on-one with you on your specific problems rather than standing at the front of the class droning on about how to connect and disconnect nodes….something you could learn from watching a video? Of course it would. Modern video streaming makes this not only possible but imperative. After all, the value of having a working pro teaching isn’t in how to click buttons, but in why a specific method is chosen over another method in a particular case. Every shot is unique and has unique problems to be solved. This is where the benefit of having a current, working pro at the head of the class really becomes obvious. Furthermore, with Flipped Classroom, you can review your lessons as often as you like, wherever and whenever you like.

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Can’t I just learn everything online?

It depends on what you are after. If you are already a working professional and you want to pick up some new tools and techniques, then yes, you can learn this online. If, on the other hand, you have never worked in industry, then you might want to consider some training like that provided by CG Masters. CG Masters is the only school in the world teaching trainees how to function in a studio environment.

There is a lot more than computers and software to working in a studio. Each artist or TD has a great deal of administrative work to do, properly naming, storing and recalling hundreds of thousands of files, learning to manage time and tasks, knowing how to address and respond to client notes, understanding the production hierarchy and communication pathways in a pipeline. They also need to wrap their heads around the true nature of milestones and deadlines within the context of a large, complex and partly unpredictable entertainment project. And they need to know how to work and communicate with other members of the team in a fluid situation with hard delivery timelines. These things, unfortunately, are nearly impossible to teach unless the trainee is working within a production team that is attempting to meet production deadlines. We believe the best, fastest way to teach these things is to throw students into the frying pan, with lots of support from our masters.

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Our CG Masters

Our Masters are the pride of our school. This is one of the finest collections of industry mentors in the world.
Each one has a minimum of one decade in live production and brings unfathomable depth of experience into the classroom. There truly is no other faculty of this caliber to be found. Each one is dedicated to training you properly for a career in our beloved industry.

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About OTP

This Online Training Portal is freely accessible to all and provides structured instruction that supplements the personal attention of our CG Masters in the classroom.

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  • World’s Only Full Immersion Production Training
  • Teaching by Working Pros
  • State of the Art Lessons
  • Flexible, self-scheduled online training
  • Latest Technology

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