First Production-Focused training in the world

CG Masters, originally founded as an online training centre in 2009, grew into a full blown campus in 2012 and now employs the finest collected digital media faculty for animation and visual effects worldwide. Located in New Westminster, right next to Vancouver, the world’s visual effects capital and North America’s animation capitol, CG Masters’ mission is to fill the training gap left by academic programs.

Nicholas Boughen, Film and commercial VFX Supervisor and Director of Education says “We identified the need for production-line training to be coupled with the tools training that most schools offer. It is very difficult to hire a graduate who knows how to use Nuke, Houdini and Maya, but not how to name files, estimate task length, respond to notes appropriately and communicate across a diverse team on a complex, collaborative project. The problem is, no school wanted to do it.

“The challenge is that it is difficult to find and schedule industry professionals within a typical academic schedule, and furthermore that most people developing school curricula have little or no production experience and do not recognize the industry’s desperate need for this kind of training.”

CG Masters is breaking new ground in its highly successful approach, directly addressing industry needs and using the very latest education theory and technology to enhance their training. “Digital media training tools in the hands of digital media experts is a beautiful thing to behold,” says Boughen. “We imagine that one day every digital media school will have to do it this way”